Facts to Know About Microsoft Audits

Having to go through a tech audit can be quite nerve-wracking, especially if you find some discrepancy in your license while you are halfway through. A majority of business owners do find some inconsistencies during Microsoft software audit. If that is the situation in which you are in at the moment, the following tips should help you work your way through it.

Microsoft Audit Is Not Meant to Penalize Youwindows logo

As indicated in the terms and conditions of signing up for a software license, you can get audited at some point. This, however, is not to penalize you or anything of that sort. It is just an opportunity to determine if your software licensing is up to date. With a growing business, you may end up letting tasks such as changing user permissions and updating the software licenses go through the crack. Microsoft will reach out to your business before determining that you have failed the audit. During that time, you can make clarifications on the possible issues or any inconsistencies via emails.

Missing a CAL Has a Simple Solution

A Client Access License (CAL) deficit is one of the most common reasons as to why people usually fail their Microsoft audit. It happens when you increase the size of your team, which has access to the server, without accounting for it in the licensing of the server. In such a case, you need to explain to Microsoft as to why you have the deficit. You also need to prove that you are working on buying the extra CALs to account for the deficit.

Avoid Illegal Software

There are businesses which use illegal software tools to gain access to Microsoft software. It is illegal to do so, and you should avoid putting your business in such a situation. When Microsoft discovers illegal software, which they usually do, your business stands the risk of being prosecuted. If you have such software during your audit, uninstall it, and seek immediate help.

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A Microsoft audit can be very stressful irrespective of whether you are new to it or you are a seasoned pro. The little mistakes that can be identified during the audit have a solution and should not give you too much of a headache. To encourage you, Microsoft will not audit your business again for the next two years after a successful audit.

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